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How many sessions can I have?

I provide both short (up to 6 sessions) and long-term therapy (12+ sessions) and we can discuss the planned duration of our work together before working together.  This can be reviewed at regular intervals.


How long is a session?

Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes. 


Will I be charged if I cancel my session?

No, if you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment you will not be charged for cancellation.  But, if you miss your agreed session and have not given notice within 24 hours, you will be charged for the session. 


What happens if I’m late?

Unfortunately, if you attend your session late, we will still end the session at the original end time. 


Can I book and pay for a session for someone else?

You can submit an expression of interest for someone but the potential client will need to be directly communicated with to ensure it is what they want.  It may be more beneficial to signpost them so that they can make contact themselves as it is a confidential service.  If they are happy to proceed, payment arrangements can be made but unfortunately no details of their therapy will be discussed or shared with you.


Can I bring someone else to my session?

As this is a 1:1 therapeutic space this will not be possible.


Can I extend the time of my session or have 2 sessions in 1?

Unfortunately not, each session will last for 50 minutes.


Will you keep everything confidential?

Mostly, but there are limitations to confidentiality. If anything disclosed during our sessions leaves me to believe you or someone else is at risk of harm I have a duty to share this information to reduce the potential risk of harm. I will always endeavour to discuss this with you first but cannot guarantee that I will not act without your consent. 


What will you do with any paperwork I complete or records you keep?

In line with General Data Protection Regulations, I will securely store any session notes, transcripts or emails exchanged during the course of therapy for a period of 3 years after your contracted sessions have ended.  Following this period they will be securely destroyed.


I want counselling but I can't afford the cost?

Concessions are available to students and for those claiming benefits, please ask for details. If you do not fall into any of these categories but are experiencing financial hardship please do make contact to see if a suitable arrangement can be made. Please note that any concessions must be agreed prior to our first session.

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